Breathing Problem: Home from Dr. Appts.

Discussion created by minihorses on Nov 20, 2017
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Yesterday I asked if anyone had experienced shortness of breath after quitting. My sternum hurt and I could not get enough air and breathing was VERY shallow. I got in to the doc. office early this morning, thank god. I told him everything that had gone on and he said it could be several things; being anemic, h-pylori bacterial infection in my stomach, esophageal ulcer, and/or pulmonary embolism. My O2 level was a little low but it was due to lack of breathing normally. My lungs were clear and heart rate was good. I was so thankful he didn't not say the two dreaded C words, COPD and Cancer. I had an EKG which looked fine, quarts of blood drawn, and a CT scan with the dye. I've had so many holes poked in me I feel like the donkey in pin-the-tale-on-the-donkey!  My veins roll so there's about 5 holes in my arms. They just called and said the CT scan showed no embolism but a very slight ulcer was there. They told me to continue on the Prilosec that I had started taking about 5 days ago and called in an Rx for an antibiotic for the infection just in case. I'm so glad! If I could breathe better I'd be doing the happy dance right now. I'm going to try to eat something more than soup tonight.

I vividly remember watching my mother-in-law who had COPD wasting away and suffocating to death in hospice. It was horrifying to see and it got  worse every day. I was alone with her alone at the time and held her hand as she went. I had blocked the image (not the memory) for a long time but this experience brought it slamming back to my head. I will remember how scared I've been in the last 2 days, praying to GOD I wouldn't have the same diagnosis. Trust me, when you can't breathe right it scares the bejeesus out of you so if anyone here is new, struggling to stay on track, trying for the 2nd, 3rd, 104th time to quit those evil smokes please hang in there and hang out here! This experience has made me never wanting to pick up one of those killers again.