So far so GOOD :)

Discussion created by Tammyzhere on Nov 17, 2017
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Day 1 of no smoking / no nicotine.   Alienating all the smokers. 

Don't wanna set off any kinda unnecessary crazy in me.  


My son smokes.  He asked if I'd like to go with to the show.  I appreciated the invitation but, declined.  After the movie, the first thing the smokers do is blast outta there to go smoke.  I knew he'd give me cigarettes and that is totally the opposite of what I'm all about today.  Just hugging him and smelling it on him - that would set me off.   I'm too new in my quit to deal with all that.  So, no thanks honey.  Not today.


My two best friends smoke.  I told both of them today that I quit.  They both asked, "How long?"  I wonder if non-smokers ask that too?  Is that a sabotage type question?  Is it designed to patronize?  Am I just being weird and overly sensitive?    Like - I'm done smoking and I don't wanna be around it.  I'm just all about protecting my quit cuz I know - 

it's a big deal.  Maybe, someday it really won't bother me...   to see it, smell it, be close enough to reach out for one. 


All I know is I'm not trying to get a haircut so there's no reason to go hang out at the barber / beauty shop .... right??? 


My other friend Lori quit a long time ago.  Her birthday is today

and she will be thrilled when I tell her    

She's been riding me for years. .   

Now we can share this special date every year    what a nice birthday gift