Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Mark

I was on a member's blog tonight and someone responded and I responded to the latter.  And she responded back to me.  The conversation had nothing to do with the original blog.  So in a sense we had usurped that original blog to respond and communicate to each other on a separate topic.  One of things that has been lacking since the move to the Jive platform is the ability to talk to each other on our own pages.  A semi-private communication, that can be viewed by anybody who chooses to go check it out.   This is really a key ingredient that is still missing from the old platformS.  


Rather than continue the conversion for all to see on the blog's creator page (which is totally off topic from the bog),  I have now gone into private message mode.  So no one benefits at large from the continued discussion.  I don't think that's good.  We need a place - some place to go (other than a pm) where we can have a dialogue that others can also see and respond to - if they seek it out.  If they have an interest, or are following another member.  


That member home page feature was and to my mind still is a very important feature that is lacking on this platform in this community.