won't be here as much anymore

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I just want all of you Ex'ers to know  how much I care for you ,how much I appreciate you, and how much you have helped me for  these past 1,009 days .

I lost my nice HP laptop last week in an argument with my friend She hit it with her fist very hard 3 times and broke the screen I was so angry I dropped it on the floor because I was tempted to throw it at her . I almost smoked over it but overcame the temptation . Now I have a crappy little RCA android computer that doesn't work very well, Guess I should be grateful to have one at all .

I am not going to be here as often I can't upload much I #lost all of my graphics and pictures on my laptop as the hard drive was ruined .

The consequences of fighting are not worth it ....just like the consequences of smoking !