New life brings such joy!

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I have a female duck (I have about 23 of the 'dirty flockers') that is slightly deformed. I rescued two babies, just a few days old, after one got run over by the other ducks when trying mate with mamma in the rain. I went to look at it and it wasn't in good shape at all. We then found another one that seemed to be a couple days older and probably from the same clutch. I of course rescued them both. The one that got stepped on was a little deformed in that she had a small chunk missing from her bill, she was limping badly on her left leg and she was SO tiny. I raised them together hoping to have 2 hens. My little one was a hen (we named Cassidy) and the sibling turned out to be a drake. He played second mama to me and helped raise her. She remained tiny and and frail. Unfortunately once mating season started the drake started doing his thing and just about snapped her in half so I had to separate them. When the other ducks were finally released she had to stay behind. She was so lonely she 'call' quacked very loudly and CONSTANTLY. You could hear her 1/4 mile away. So time to bring in a friend. I got another hen, a young one with feathers barely started, and put them together in the garage for a few days to bond. We named this one Sundance. This is a picture of their first bath. The black and white one is Cassidy. This is a great way to bring joy to my life when things are down because I'm a major animal lover and rescue anything and everything (including snakes).