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Yup, its been 4 years since I left that ugly, deadly addiction in the dust.  I could not be any prouder of myself than I am.  Go Jackie!!!  When I first came to this site I was desperately seeking any tool, help, advice I could find to help me get through this new journey I was about to take.  With with the help of several of you I have successfully made it to 4 years smoke free. I also had a wonderful time (with the old site) helping others that  reached out with the same journey in mind, and proud to see so many of them still free of that horrible addiction that controlled our lives for so many years. 

My health has improved, my bank account has gained, (I have gained) but well worth it.


Every once in a blue moon I think about smoking, and its funny~it's not a urge  ~ it's a calming feeling like I DO NOT MISS IT, I HAVE CONTROL NOW.  (That's not yelling that is making a statement)  I can breath better, the horrid cough is gone, I smell better, my car and clothes are cleaner, Oh I could go on and on but I won't.

Those of you that are just beginning this journey, stick with it, it can be done and so many of us here are proof.  IT can be beat. Right now IT control's your life, not you.  IT makes you stand out in the cold or the rain, IT  makes you seek the nearest exit in a public place for the time IT tells you to smoke, IT DOES NOT calm the nerves or help you handle stress, that's just another controlling tool IT has over you.

Make up your mind to be successful and kick this addiction's ash! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!



I had to agree to a disclaimer when I signed on and it just made me angry again and refreshed my decision to leave what this site has become.  I wish there was another way to communicate like we did in the past and not have someone lurking over everything you write and slapping your hand if you boo boo, what a we 6 years old. 

OK having said that ~  I wish  all  my dear, dear friends a Happy Thanksgiving and a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Miss "J"

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