my first almost 24 hours

Discussion created by robsterk on Nov 7, 2017
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I almost finished my 24 hours until I had a slip up. I put my patch on last night waking up was okay went off to work had some cravings through out the day during my lunch period I ate and read some discussion s on this site to get to feeling positive.


The trouble is I'm in the middle of dealing with a break up and I'm still quite attached. I've learned emotional stress is by far my biggest trigger so when I got out of work I ripped my patch off and lit up a butt. I've had too so far. Then I get to feeling depressed, and thinking I'm never going to do this I can't even make it a whole 24 hours.


It's not like other triggers where you can change your routine. You can choose not to drink coffee, and not drink alcohol or take a break from friends that smoke, but you can't choose to not be upset over losing someone you care about.