How long can you live with emphysema?

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I'm sharing this thread from another website: EFFORTS {Emphesema Foundation for our Right to Survive] because I'm sure many of us ask this question from time to time:


"Depends on how you progress we are all different no way to tell. I have been on oxygen since I was 56 and told I was in end stage with about 21% lung capacity I will be 74 next month and have about 15% lung capacity. Still do everything myself very very slow no heavy lifting of course. Its all up to our Lord."


"It depends.  I was first diagnosed with emphysema/COPD in my early 40s.  At that time I only got somewhat short of breath when I was walking briskly with someone and talking to him/her at the same time.

By 40 years later I  had gradually worsened to the point when I needed supplemental O2 even when just seated.  I started on the low setting of "2" 24 hours/day, since I dropped too low even during sleep.  By now, at 86, I have gradually worsened to where I use a setting pf "5", the highest this particular type of equipment can provide.

I don't really need the setting of 5 when I'm only sitting, but I'm seldom sitting for very long at a time.  I'm pretty much an up-and-down person.  So rather than changing the setting every time I get up and walk across the room, I leave it set at "5" around the clock.  I need it at that setting even when asleep; otherwise my "sats" drop too low.   And if I "graduate" to the point where the setting of 5 isn't enough for me, I will have to change to another type of equipment that provides me with higher O2 content."


"Like everything else with COPD, it is based on the individual. I was diagnosed in 1987 and am now on 5 L of oxygen and 6 w/exercise. No lung surgeries or hospitalizations yet.  That makes 30 years for me. I am a 79 y/o/f. I am still able to walk, but get winded easily, do some housework and basically enjoy life.  Good luck to you.  You will find this website a treasure chest of information and support. You really can trust these folks at EFFORTS. Honest."


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