Prayer for Saturday 11/4

Discussion created by minihorses on Nov 4, 2017
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Good Morning everyone! I'd like to start this new day of freedom with a prayer for transitioning and reforming our spirits, minds and bodies as we walk a sometimes shaky road towards being Ex forever. The smoother road ahead will be closer to my eyes knowing that this trek is part of God's plan for me. My past decision to smoke was not on his plan. I chose that path myself without regard to my future or your plan . I hit the brick at the dead end of the dark alley and heard your voice, as a little whisper, but it was there. You said you had always been there trying to rescue me from the thorny jungle along my daily walk but I did not hear you. Now I understand that the brick wall was created by you in order to get my attention to lead me to the clear path. Thank you Father for the wake up call as I am getting a glimpse of the less bumpy road ahead and I am excited but careful in my steps towards it. I know you will continue to light the way. Amen!