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My last stand

Question asked by joelwsteiger on Nov 2, 2017
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I am on day 2 for the 15th time over the last 10 years, I have quit once or twice a year from 2-6 months each time average 4 months one year I made it 9 months then let myself be put in a bad position doing a friend's son a favor then I circumb to the temptations with 1 cigarette. Later that day I bought a pack and never looked back for about 6 months until I tried again, it was a short quit. That was during the 4th year. I am now 54 had I quit the first time I would now be out of the woods. My Dad quit at 44 and lived to be just short of 90, do to his passing I am now financially set for life and I want it to be a long one. This must be my last attempt and won't know if I am out of the woods until I am 64 if I am, (it worries me). One year I called everyone to do with cancer and smoking cessation to receive books pamphlets and CD's and now I have a library of information (they don't give as much away now as they used to) but to you first timers it is worth the journey, it will keep busy and not smoking, don't stop until you have turned every rock over. I am going to get my library of information out and use it to keep me on the right track haven't done that for 5 years.

I will also look around the room to single out something particular, then read (I am a poor reader (comprehension) but it won't stop me. I have the resources and advice. This must be my last attempt to be smoke free, on day 2 I am going to start washing everything, close, drapes or curtains, walls spray fabric refresher on furniture, vacuum and deodorizer carpet, wash throw rugs, wash Windows, clean out car including Windows and deodorizer. This should take a week or so plus flip through my library for advice and information on why to quit. I WILL DO IT THIS TIME, I promised my Mom and that is the greatest motivation of all.