Here I Go AGAIN!

Discussion created by ray9 on Jul 20, 2008
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Hello Everyone...I'm a Chantix user and quit for 5 months following 3 months on the medication. I started back to smoking due to work stress (I know...no excuse). I'm now back on Chantix and smoke free for 5 days. My doctor has advised me to take the medication for 6-months. Since I'm used to taking Chantix, I'm used to the side effects of the medication. I've found that if I take the medication on a full stomach with a whole glass of water I don't have the major nausea. I'm not a breakfast person, so I usually eat an early lunch and take my first pill of the day then. My 2nd after I eat dinner arount 8pm. I've been able to curb the side effects of the medication better this time (so far). Since I've stopped smoking I'm planning on starting excersise tomorrow morning. I've had a gym membership but quit going when I started smoking again. Plus I wasn't making time during the week to actually go. I've found that during this whole quit thing I need to make for "ME" time. I need to start putting other things on hold a bit and work on myself. Hopefully I'm on the right track this time. I'm planning on taking Chantix the full 6-months and never going back to smoking again. It's so much work to quit...Mentally and physically I feel taxed every day...