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Question asked by stillsassy1_lv on Oct 25, 2017
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This is extremely confusing....being brand new to the site. Seems awfully non user friendly, unless it's simply a matter of getting used to it? I'm a 'I'll figure it out as I go' type lol. Perhaps if I took the time to read instructions.  I entered a comment after setting up my new account last night.....I am in AZ, Phx / east valley area, I'm Pac time. I see from your kind responses that most are on Eastern or Atlantic time, so 2 to 3 hour difference. Most were of course, sleeping:)). Thank you much for the thoughtful comments. I am a single, 62 yo Mother of 3 adult children, Grandmother of 7....from Utah (born in CA, raised in UT, raised my family also in UT) son, wife and 3 children live in LV, NV, I lived there as well, from 2000 until 2013 when my eldest daughter needed me post surgery so I came. Flying back and forth monthly wasn't sustainable indefinitely so here I am. Living in a newly constructed Townhome in AZ. I'm absolutely not a desert dweller so how I ended up here....or LV for that matter, is beyond me lol. I suppose we do many things for family never thought we'd do. I know many out there understand. Non of my children are smokers so has always been something I intended to quit. Just expected it to happen much sooner than 62 years of age....ugh.  

Im very appreciative of the input received re: symptoms I had attributed to quitting smoking after 45 years of sucking up all that gunk into my body. I thought surely the coughing fits were due to this since healing wouldn't be complete, nor overnight.

So above is a bit about me as requested by some of you....I hope it's not too far off topic, as this is a smoking cessation site and I was all over with my topics. Have to chuckle at myself sometimes. 

So the onset of these coughing fits coincided with quitting. But I smoked over 45 years. Prior to that, both parents smoked and was way before our culture even entertained the idea of 'second hand smoke'.

The coughing and runny nose, and inability to wear a bit of make up and not gave it smear due to tears, watery eyes. These things are the most bothersome.

No fever regularly, just occasionally. I blame much on a high stress level which I do see a Dr. for. I see my Primary Care doc regularly...the sleep thing is new and coincides with other things....a change in medications etc. So I guess my Q is, the coughing mostly. I cough so much it makes my voice change. I sound like an old lady.  And I'm a very vocally articulate and out spoken lady. Allergies....yes. I've never had an allergy, my entire life.....until living here. Did I mention I'm NOT a desert dweller? Lol.

Not to be graphic but, the coughing, sniffling, watery's all clear, runny, and not a lot of phlem is produced with coughing. Some, but not enough to spit out. (How's that for not being graphic eh)? Lol. 

Again folks, I'm very grateful for the kind and thoughtful welcome I received here. Not even sure how I found it....I think I was searching for symptoms....quit smoking.....coughing, bc this cough is driving me nuts. No doubt folks think I'm either sick, OR I must be a really heavy smoker lol. Funny thing is, I never ever had a cough until I quit. 

Looking forward to reading any thoughts, and would love getting to know some of you. 

Thanks tons!

Sandra (Sandy) Only my parents called me Sandra hahaha.