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Does anyone else get sick while quitting?

Question asked by minihorses on Oct 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by elvan

This is my millionth time trying to get off cigarettes and this time it has to be forever. I dread doing this because I get physically ill for at least two weeks. I'm starting my second month on chantix as of today. I smoked the first three weeks (my usual pack a day) and then weened quickly down to 3-4 a day last week. I didn't smoke yesterday but took a couple drags off my e-cig. I just have the little ones that look like a real cigarettes with the screw-on 'filter' in the lowest nicotine level. The chantix is helping the cravings but my body is going through what it always does when I quit smoking, hell. I'm hot/cold on a dime, my head is spinning worse than the "Exorcist" kid, I am throwing up, my whole body is shaking especially my hands, I have a migraine, I can't form a thought and I just want to sleep, which I have been. I haven't done anything in a week because I can't stand up long and I definitely can't drive.  I can't take care of my family or my animals. I know all of this will subside eventually but I don't know if I can ride this one out. I know if I smoke even a few drags the sick will be staved off and I will have to start this merry-go-round again. 

Does anyone else go through this hell or is it just my own body's demons?