Nobody Gonna Bully My Kids

Discussion created by Fee33 on Oct 26, 2017
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Okay so yesterday my son's came home from school and cj is my youngest he came in first an jeron he's usually faster to come In the house well I asked cj where is Jeron and he comes in the living room I said what's wrong an he's 12 Everyone an such a kind heart like cj and he started crying an my husband was here yes Chris an I got married Tuesday night just got our preacher to marry us that's another note...anyways he was very concerned an so was I seen tears just keep coming he finally told me a smaller child was bullying cj mama an I took up for my little brother I said okay what Happened he said then the little kid hit me in my chest he said he didn't hurt me I said okay he said then the older brother came up to me on the bus got in my face an said I'm gonna beat you up if you try to touch my brother he said an he was losing his breath he was so upset he said the bus driver writing us all up an I'm gonna get in trouble well I said that's not gonna happen well my husband got real upset an said come on boys where's these kids live I wanted to go but he said no felicia your on probation I don't wanna see you in jail y'all I got a real bad temper js well the boys showed their dad where the house was an all an the parents wasn't there so this morning I done pulled a madiea I don't know if you seen Tyler Perry movies but that's who I was a few minutes ago I got on the bus the bus driver told me my son's r quiet an good kids an they r not trouble makers I said where is that little ******* at I said that hit my son she said I haven't picked him up yet plz watch your mouth she said I said I told her I don't go for bullying then I seen the older one I guess he lives in a different house I said to him come here he said ma'am I said if you threaten my son you threaten me you got that I said it's maybe my son's second week of school I said he don't bother anyone you hear me I said so remember when you messing with my kids your messing with me I raised my voice I said tell him your sorry he apologized to my son I said bullying is not cool especially when your 15 kid an my son 12 it's nonsense you will make a kid's life miserable an then they end up Killing theirself it's not happening nomore you got that!!! He just put his head down I said y'all have a good day I said I'ma get your little brother today at 3 o'clock for hitting an bullying my 12 year old an 9 year old he just turned around I said when I get off this bus an I hear you even talked to my kids your not gonna like anymore after I'm done with you I did lose my temper I did cuss but damn it I'm not gonna put up with kids bullying my kids it's not happening not on my watch I remember taking up for kids when they got bullied in school when I went kids who get bullied literally get depressed and then wanna kill theirself I refuse to push bullying under the rug!!! Anyways I am 30 DOF without cigarettes y'all think I handled that situation correctly?? I was nice to everyone but when I remembered my son crying both of them I seen red an just lost my temper for a spilt second. But what or your thoughts on bullying???