My Wake Up Call

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 23, 2017
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Next time I go to the Pulmonologist I'm going to ask for lessons! I want a trained RT to teach me again how and in what order to use my inhalers and remind me to rinse my mouth after use to avoid thrush. So far I've been fortunate with thrush but it doesn't hurt to sharpen up!

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Did you know that if you use more than one inhaler like I do, (Advair and Spiriva) the order in which you take them makes a difference? Or that certain foods shouldn't be taken with certain prescription medications? 

I admit it. I get complacent! When the Pharmacist hands me yet another medication and asks if I have any questions - I generally say, "No. I'm in a hurry!" Next time I'll say "Yes! Tell me everything!" I'll listen carefully and ask questions until I really understand.

I take 18 meds a day! Every time I see the Doctor I ask if I can drop any and the answer is always a resounding, "No!"

I worry about how this walking pharmacy is boiling up inside of me! But these specialists know more than I do!

What I can control is to understand how to use them well!

Serenity Prayer!

I want to see my Grandaughters grow up!