What's Your Motivation to Quit?

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What's your motivation to Quit?


My motivation:

I Love traveling and would like to see the maximum world before I die. If I am infirm tomorrow, my family or kids or anyone wouldn't take the trouble to show me around. I thought I have to Keep myself fit till the day I die.

I smoked last 2 cigarette back to back on 26th March 2016 an evening before my birthday, which falls on 27th. Took a selfie of myself smoking & posted it to my mailbox.

I stopped myself from the temptation of smoking hourly at first than daily. Ex community helped me with the day count, so I boasted that I have stay quit for so many days.

Whenever there's a strong urge, I question myself, do I really want to go through the same regime of quitting once again. The first day is the most difficult, I you cross the 1st Day, you can.


What's Your Motivation? Once again.