Home Sweet Home

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Hi Ex'ers Yes I am finally visiting "my Island " I leave tomorrow and i arrive at 3:05 in Bourne where my sister will meet me. I will spend a few days with her on the 

Cape and then I will take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard and spend the next few days with my Son Jake and his Girlfriend Cathy who I have not met yet, and  my Grandson Mason and his beautiful dog Athena who I have not met either .  While there I will attend my 50th HS Reunion !!! That is exciting many of my classmates I have not seen in years, I hope there is a good turnout . It is sad that at least 10 of them have passed on and in a class of just 52 students that seems a high number for our age group (68 ).

I will be travelling with no cell and no computer that is different ! A whole 6 days with no Internet or phone ! 

I will also be there as an ex-smoker it will be so nice to chat with my class mates and enjoy myself without having to run outside every 20 or 30 minutes to light up my fix ! I know when a smoker even when I was not outside I was already thinking about going outside and feeling very fidgety having to sit and converse without that sickerette in hand ! I will feel so free ! 

I have come down with a cold in the past few days i can't believe it I just hope i don't give it to my sister who is not very healthy . I have not had a cold since last fall it will be interesting to see how quickly or not so quickly this cold goes away it has not migrated to my chest yet . When I  got colds when smoking the coughing was wicked and went on and on for months as it  turned  into bronchitis . 

Well so long everyone I will not be in touch until next Monday night .  I am so grateful and happy to be going on this trip !!!MVIMy hometown 

Can't wait to see my loved ones !

I will miss all of you Ex'ers take care and Newbies please  stick to NOPE, SINAO and One day at a time will get you where you want to go ! Come to Ex everyday !