The Things I do sometimes.........

Discussion created by crazymama_Lori on Oct 15, 2017
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It was my husband's birthday last weekend. He wanted to have fast-food. His birthday, his pick. It was stormy for most of the day that day. Doesn't bother me anymore. Don't have to worry about my pack getting wet. If it's windy, which way to stand so I could get even the slightest flicker of my Bic.


As I'm traveling down the street on the way to Arby's (I love that place), I think I hit every single stop light that there was. I just couldn't time them right. So I'm sitting there waiting for the light to change, pouring rain outside, I happen to look over at this house that's to my right. There's this little old grandma out there under her garage with her two grandkids looking like they got arrested for something for how stiff they were standing to stay under the awning of the garage just to smoke their cigarettes. The first thing that pops into my head was, why didn't they open the garage door? It probably would be more comfortable than plastered against it.


The winds changed. These lights take forever. This kid must have flicked his Bic at least 20 times trying to get even a hint of a flame to light a now somewhat damp cigarette. Shaking the dickens out of that lighter thinking it would suddenly shoot up with a full-fledged flame. I give a sigh as the light turned green. Those kind of days I certainly don't miss. Scrambling for the gazillion lighters that was spewed all over my car. Fishing through the ashtray because there's bound to be a half of a one somewhere in that overflowing mess. Just have to have a few hits until I get to the gas station. Insanity, total insanity. And to think we survived and lived that way day in and day out.  That's about how I think about smoking these days.  They said I would eventually get there.  Trust me when I say you will too.


Well, come join me on The Weekender today for the last run for the weekend and shout out your days of freedom. No matter how small or how insignificant you think they are. To me, even one day without smoking is something to celebrate. Be sure to visit Celebrations & Events every day to proudly announce every day your days won! You should be very proud of where you've gone and what you've accomplished.........