I'm In This Foreign Place Now

Discussion created by Mckenna on Oct 14, 2017
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It's amazing how foreign all this feels. Being a non-smoker, I mean. After 25-30 years, 2 packs a day and now this..smoke free for a solid 2 months. It's a big deal. It truly is. There should be a downtown confetti parade for any and all of us that make it to this side. 


If someone had given me a handbook to smoking at 16 years old and handed one out every year I smoked with what the ramifications were when you decided to QUIT..I never would have begun. But, I grew up with my family Physician smoking, every or almost every movie star and public figure lighting up. Our teachers in H.S. would walk over to us on break in the parking lot (the "designated" smoking area) and ask for a lite or a smoke..Handbook you say? What handbook. 


Well, I must have some heavy duty Guardian Angels..or just dodged a bullet.  Took a full lab panel at the VA (yes, I'm a Military Veteran) and it came back GREAT! For the first time in I don't know HOW long, my Triglycerides dropped from 375-400 to 125!!! My Hemoglobin..down to normal! Everything NORMAL. My Echogram: NORMAL. My Treadmill Stress Test: NORMAL. Lungs: NORMAL..normal, normal. Hooooray! But, I still deal with severe asthma like shortness of breath on a daily basis. I joined a gym and go 7 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. NO shortness working out, not on, nada. If I miss a day, as I had to this entire last lungs feels like they arent' going to fill back up with oxygen. NO one mentions that when you quit smoking or that it can take years to get your lungs back to normal. I mentioned it to my Cardiologist..he said, "Well, you've singed off some of, if not many of the Cilia in your lungs..some will rejuvenate, some won't. still need time. Two months is nothing. Six months, a year..then we will have to look into it further, but my quess is we won't have to. You have to retrain and be patient with your lungs...30 years is a very long time" kicks me on my ass!


I've gone through all the withdrawal symtoms... all of them, but his one lingers and is the most debilitating. Heck, it's my lungs! No life.  So, I inhale Eucalyptus Oil, keep it with me at all times. I'm back at the gym next week and getting back on track....


No, I didn't have slip ups this time...I've made it to this Foreign Place...called "life". Have to learn to live it now SMOKE FREE!