Meds for Mild COPD?

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You really barely if ever notice. But you were smart enough to get a Spirometry Test and have been diagnosed with Mild COPD. Why was this important to you? What changes have you made in your lifestyle? My #1 hope is that you Quit Smoking because that is the only known treatment that can slow the progression of your COPD! 

But what else should you do? Do you need to change your diet, exercise, daily routine, home and personal hygiene, med regimen? Did you know that Bleach was recently found to compromise your COPD? Choose another more natural cleaner such as White Vinegar! You can learn more right here COPD. We try to share the latest known information on all stages of COPD and what you can do to manage your lung health.

Here's a perspective on medication for mild COPD:

Medscape: Medscape Access 

Check with your Doctor about their best recommendations to enjoy a full, happy, healthy Life!

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