And she's on her way being smoke free

Discussion created by Fee33 on Oct 2, 2017
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So a while ago my friend cles me an said how did you stop smoking Felicia I said girl I went cold turkey she said how when you smoked since you was 13 I said I just did it and still fighting to stay smoke free I said do you want me to help you quit smoking I cant quit for you but I'll help you get there she said I think I am going to quit shes 34 y'all and she's been smoking about as long as I have so yeah I really believe our friendship is saved and I think I got through to her about not being friends that isn't all my mom use to dip yes I said dip an she seen me smoke all my life an she gave up her scoal I'm so proud of her she quit last Friday an just told me tonight I guess she sees the progress in me because I'm not gonna lie I literally get offended when someone asks to smoke at my house like I turn into a demon an fast not really just explaining how I act when someone wants to smoke here anyways my topic an discussion is this maybe her knowing I'm smoke free an seeing my progress she finally want a to stop smoking so don't give up on your smoking buddies just Influence them an threaten them with friendship jk jk Influence yes but postive ways an they will come around. Thanks y'all "Felicia" aka fee