Venting  helps Me stay smoke free

Discussion created by Fee33 on Oct 2, 2017
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Venting really helps me stay smoke free like today of all days is a Monday I done got a call from my friend who wants to come over not happening I done got a call from my son be so disrespectful to me an everyone at that place he's at what's next I didn't go to prayer group this morning why because I was burned out last night I'm planning my wedding my bridesmaids wanna know what my maiden honor wearing etc etc. Uh what next I got fussed at by my fiance because I didn't go to prayer group I done gave him a piece of my mind my wedding in 18 days y'all I'm just ranting on an on I hope I don't bother anyone doing this use to no lie y'all I would smoke a cigarette the minute something stressful hits me now I come here I thank God for all of y'all I don't know y'all all r all of y'all names but I do wanna say thank you an I'm fighting the good fight staying smoke free I'm not caving in I'm not gonna give up on feelings to cigarettes I am going to keep on going forward!!! So if your going through something an want to vent to message me I'm here for y'all all. We can do this together one minute r second at a time not SMOKING thank y'all for taking your time out to read this.