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When is No never Enough

Question asked by Fee33 on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by elvan

Okay so my friend is a smoker she just called an said can I stop by an vist with you I said you can't smoke at my house around my house outside my house on my porch anywhere she said wow felicia I said what I'm being serious something came over me an I said I wanna soar like a eagle being smoke free she's like felicia I'm a smoker I said I get that but I am not an I'm not tempting myself to be around you while you smoke an what kind of cigarettes my kind not happening sorry she said well your taking all this to serious I SAID UH YOU SHOULD TOO sorry about the caps I said your dying slowly Everytime you take a puff she's like why all of sudden change I said I'm 33 your 34 why not quit smoking we getting older it's the best time to stop now so she really didn't understand NO MEANS NO so when is NO EVER ENOUGH?? I said it so many times and then I got really *****y an mean I said look you can't respect I am a new quitter on smoking maybe we shouldn't be friends unless you want me to help you quit smoking I can totally do that I have all the keys to help you stop she's like no!  So when is no ever enough to me that right there when she said no I threw my hands up an I was not better then her by no means but my recovery is freaking serious too me damn it. Sorry I'm upset