Losing Our Humanity

Discussion created by Rise_and_Grind on Oct 2, 2017
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I work in Disaster Relief. Every day I listen to police scanners and search the internet for tragedies that happen around the United States. I see the amount of people that are shot. I listen to suicide calls and kids getting beaten or found unconcious. Ive built the kind of blinds over my ears and eyes that block out the truly horrific so I dont go home crying. Last night I listed as police searched the Mandalay Bay hotel. Listened to the gunshots and people calling in to say their friend/family had been shot. Listened to the panic in the dispatch officers voice as they were overtaken with calls from people. I listened as police officers rushed in to stop the gunmen. I must admit in the years I have done this job and heard a million different tragedies. Hurricanes fires tornadoes shootings and suicide calls... nothing chilled me more than listening to the mass overload of tragedy last night. I think the world is personally going to hell. These people were literally barricaded in for this concert for their safety and it turned into fish in a barrel type of game. Its truly sick that anyone would do that. I just dont get why the world is the way it is anymore and it only seems to be getting worse.