Can you say lose or smoke

Discussion created by Fee33 on Oct 1, 2017
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It's a new month October is here I have 7DOF under my belt thank you Lord and thank y'all all for being there to support my rants an raves an complaining haha!! But my discussion this morning is this...do y'all realize you lose alot of friends who smoke because you recently stopped like they don't call as much as they use too or come over an vist why because you don't allow smoking outside r even around you so they can't smoke so they don't come visit you anymore and did you notice another thing the more days "this is basically for the newbies but also the veterans too" the more days you go without a cigarette it actually comes natural to you after a while the cravings aren't so intense like before that's what I'm dealing with now to live a life wo friends an staying an keeping smoke free then I feel so bad about one thing I smoked around my 9 year old light up in the truck an he would be coughing did I throw that cigarette out yes I did an did I gripe about throwing it away yes I did now that is sad!!! But now he's so happy I quit smoking he would always tell me mom I am not being mean but I wish you wouldn't smoke it's really making your lungs black an I would feel so convicted too behind it all an still smoke so my discussion is this YOU LOSE A SECOND OFF YOUR LIFE SMOKING EVERYDAY WHEN YOU SMOKE so I rather lose millions of friends then seconds off my life who's with me!!!?? To be honest I lost all my friends now I kick it with my mom more when my fiance is working