A Wise Elder Once Told Me.

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Life is ALWAYS going to happen; it's how we respond that tells the tale.  As a former addict I was accustomed to having a cigarette when something happened.  Another elder told me to tell myself. "I don't do that anymore".  Now life is happening with no smokes,  no food, no drink can fill.  So what shall I do?  "Keep on keepin on is the advise from another.   When I would be having a rough time.  I was told by one elder to get through it and I would be stronger for it.  So I give all of this advice to you in the beginning of your journey.  Listen to the elders.  I share with you because it works.  972 DOF.   I believe that no matter what NOPE works if you educate yourself about nicotine addiction, relearn your thinking and behavior because another one told me that it is "doable".   I appreciate all that they taught me and more.   Especially that there is no reason to smoke, just EXcuses.  Thank you.