The begin continues

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Sep 24, 2017
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A couple of slip ups and a resolve to continue not smoking. I took the daily pledge for 12 hours. It'll be bedtime then. I can make it and will. 


Today, I will read a few more chapters of Carr as a nonsmoker. Tomorrow morning, I will address my coffee smoke-free. That's as far ahead as I can pledge. 


I have a production meeting at the theater tonight, so that will begin my no smoking in the car. 


I'm looking at my personal life and picking out moments when I would have smoked. I don't want to avoid my routines, but do want to keep them from being triggers. This may take a bit to figure out, but I will not let it trip me up today.


Today is the thing. One moment, one hour, one day. 


The determination is strong!