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Do you all have this kind of days?

Question asked by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by elvan

It started with the morning walk on the sidewalk and getting a good amount  from the sprinklers on both sides of the sidewalk...I just hid my headphones so they don't get wet, and told myself: oh well it hot enough, I can take a cold shower...

Then I started working (so blessed, I wfh today) while mom kept speaking with my pets...trying to type an answer that had some meaning, no way...had to wait for mom to finish (since the pets did not answer, how rude), so I can actually work. 

Trying to multi-task, took some of my clothes to the laundry room, while mom already had one load in the dryer the other in the washer...she came inside later saying: I set your clothes in the washer, just turn it on.  I went and got them all out, so I can count and know how many hangers do I need.

Ran to get some more groceries during my lunch break, and attempt to settle in for a meeting at 2:00 pm; my little doggy boy went #2 in the backyard and guess what, instead of cleaning himself on the grass he came to do it on the rug in front of me...I ran for the rug cleaning solution and hard plastic brush, cleaned the rug, and used some nice and soft cleaning wipes on the little stinker's butt.

While in the meeting, my one cat who's only using the entrance door, finds the right time to ask out, so everybody on the phone can hear us and make some comments "oh, Daniela's cat is attending the meeting too"...

Onto the kitchen to make a marinade for some chicken tenders for tonight, of course mom has to be there too...I open the door to the freezer, and forget what I am looking for, turn around, the little Styrofoam tray I washed and got ready for my marinade is gone, mom recycled it while I had my back turned. I give up and walked out of the can have it till is time for dinner...

And I did not smoke, nor will I in any future while I have my mind in the right place!