These were and still are my go-to bookmarks 600 days later

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I still consider myself a fairly new quitter.  I only have 600 and some days, close to 2 years.  I'd like to share with you my bookmarks that I have with the most influential writings on here that I've saved that helped me along the way and still do.


Very early in my quit, trying to make sense of it all was a blog written by Giulia, A Quit Dialogue in IV Acts.  I saw myself in that little play time and time again.  Thomas also wrote something that resonated with me in understanding what exactly is going on here, How Nicotine Addiction takes over (and what to do about it!) 


As I was progressing along and still struggling, another blog by Giulia hit home UNDERSTANDING EXCUSES.  This blog made me stop and think about what exactly was MY reasons and MY excuses.  Make me stop, drop and roll and really think about what could possibly make me do an about-turn and go back and where it was coming from. 


Then the roller coaster ride began and grabbed hold.  Storm has so many excellent readings on here, but this one particular hit home for me; The Grief Cycle (You're not going crazy!) .  There was sense in all this.  This gave me the why.


Then as I moved further along and really embraced my quit, a blog from Skygirl inspired me;You CAN quit. And, yes, I am talking to you new folks who have just found this website. Stay. Read. Listen. And become one of us. Read my story: probably because I could see so much of myself lurking around in those words.


You see, we all started from where you are today.  We all felt the anxiety.  I don't think there's anyone that's thrilled to quit. If they are, they are few and far between.  I know all throughout that first six months to a year, I learned a lot about myself.  Some will say, you mean to tell me it's going to take six months !!!!  Oh, honey, it's a lifelong thing, but it gets easier.  And you know why?  Because you're replacing smoking memories and recreating them as nonsmoking memories.  You're moving about your life as you always have, but you're doing one thing differently; you're not lighting up.


Please take the time to search for things you are worried about or curious about.  Trust me, there will be a blog written about it somewhere, because I know there will be someone at some time that is feeling what you are going through.  You are not in this alone.  And it really doesn't have to be as hard as you imagine it to be.  It's only as hard as you make it to be.  Think of yourself as a snow globe.  It's time to shake it up and create new scenery for yourself......


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