EX'ers in the path of Irma

Discussion created by BonnieBee.quit.2.8.15 on Sep 8, 2017
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I know everyone here is concerned about all who are  living in Florida and even other states that will be affected by this Massive Hurricane ! I am wondering how many of our Ex'ers are living in Florida or the other states like Georgia and South Carolina .

It is hard to believe this huge storm is following right after Harvey in Texas ! 

I am worried about Lillian vanlil who is riding it out on Key West she is in my prayers I am also thinking and praying for our Sheri  Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 who  has not been here in awhile but I messaged her on fb . I know Sheri lives further North in Florida but this Hurricane  is so huge !!!!

Who else is from that area ? Please keep in touch with us when you are able ! 

I am praying for you and for any newbies who may live there....Don't smoke over it ! Think of it as your first big test and you can pass it !

Be safe evacuate if possible we love you !