First week of quitting!

Discussion created by Kyleebabyyxx on Sep 4, 2017
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Okay! The day has come! My nicotine patches and gum have come in the mail. I'm smoking my last smoke. When I wake up, I will be putting on my patch! I already have my gum in my purse, and I'm really in the right mentality- for now. I've been slowing down on smoking a lot, and I'm going to go to work at 10:00 AM until 2:00PM, and we can NOT have smoke breaks. I'm hoping that will help. I will be buying a package of cheap plastic spoons to put on my tongue before long, because that's also what I did to help me quit sucking my thumb out of anxiety, which is my #1 source of temptation to smoke! I'll also be investing in a sharpie, because I will be putting a tally on my patch every time I get an urge to smoke. I will also be doing a few things that friends and family have recommended- even though I doubt they'll be effective. You gotta try! I'll be making a list of things to do when I want to smoke, a list of reasons to quit, and a list of people I can call if I think it's too much. I'll also be writing letters to the people that influence my smoking the most, and I will not have any smokes at my disposal. I'll be setting aside money every paycheck that would've been put towards smoking (about $30 every two weeks, if I can afford it with the major events happening soon). I will be using this site as much as possible! Now, for the discussion! What are your most helpful and reasonable coping skills to curb your cravings? Let me know  I'm also in need of a few people to text for support, so let me know if you would like to! If that's against the rules (I'm not very strong in the memory department), ignore that part and don't let me know