Never give it a second thought

Discussion created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Aug 31, 2017
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Now, just as life happens it causes me to reflect.  I realize that I would smoke over every little thing.  Just got a call from sister in law that my mother-in-law is sick in hospital with cancer and wants to see me.  Now that I am smoke free and my thinking has changed this is not a reason to smoke.  My daughter called the salon she is working in is closing.  I would have started " mindlessly"puffing immediately.  Now I am free, do not "have to smoke".  Her husband has been out of work due to surgeries.  There is no way smoking is going to fix any of this.  The storm we had the other day did some minor damage outside.  This would have been a trigger but the new me knows there is no "need" to smoke.  


Are you in a crisis?  Know that smoking is not going to change any of it.  Breathe  and NEF never ever forget one puff will only take you back to Day ONE not WON.  Move forward just like the nonsmoker you are.  Don't give smoking control of your thoughts or actions.  Let it go, breathe and as Mike.n.Atlanta  would say "keep on keepin on".  Life Happens.