Amends to Families

Discussion created by 12Finally34 on Aug 28, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


I am still free from that first puff!!


I was trying to be a perfect mother, grandmother and friend and it all backfired.  I didn't pick up but I was emotionally wrecked and the cravings were strong.  


To protect my smobriety, I attended nicotine meetings and stuck close with the old-timers. They were a life line till I could return to Ex Community.  The further I get away from smoking, the better my decisions are and I am participating more with my life.  


My lung specialist gives Chantix the credit, I give it to Ex community.  Every visit, I ask her interns and her if they read Alan Carr's book yet.  I am reviewing the first half tonight because I receive more and more information when I reread his instructions.  


On my way to a meeting, now that my personal drama of being perfect is over.  I can focus on myself and feel my disappointments without sitting by a window playing sad music and dragging on a pack or two worth of cigarettes.