Playing in the clay and paints today

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Just thought I would share this. Its a very old lamp that I repurposed once before from a dark gray dress to a blue dress. Well at the new house, I just didn't have an area for her, but I loved this lamp, so I used this stuff called Durhams Rock Hard Putty and gave her long hair and a bottle. Then I painted her up and gave her and the bottle some jewels.  I think she will look great don in the bar area at the new house thats all very rustic ...and I have a few old vintage western whiskey bottles I will display around her. Im kind proud of this one, lol, she was fun to do! Now we shall see if the Putty stuff holds up or if she melts, hahahahaha....right now she's as hard as rock! I need to glaze the base yet.


Before and After Pics