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How do you not smoke when smoking is all you do?

Question asked by ShyButterfly95 on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by anaussiemom

For clarity: I am quitting both smoking and vaping. I mainly vape, and would "treat" myself to cigarettes every now and then. I am quitting on September 10th.


For background: I'm disabled. I'm not working or going to school right now. I'm 21. I don't have any close friends. I have a boyfriend I see once or twice a week. Otherwise, all I do is smoke and vape and browse my phone. I have clinical depression and have lost all interest in other things. I also have anxiety, which is another trigger for smoking and vaping.


So I do nothing all day... have no interest or motivation to do anything... but at the same time I want to quit because of my health and because I'm sick of being controlled by nicotine.


I'm so conflicted. My life is fat full of nothing and nicotine. But then what the heck do I do all day instead of vaping and browsing my phone? I'm thinking to start I can replace the hand to mouth habit with a different (healthy) hand to mouth habit and still browse my phone. Then slowly introduce old hobbies back into my life.


Oh, I will be using the lozenge. Can't use the patch, I'm allergic. I'm already on buproprion for depression.