943 Days and my quit still isn’t perfect.

Discussion created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Aug 25, 2017
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 Life goes on, we have a hurricane about to hit Texas.  I have family members in Houston and San Antonio, and whatever else that comes my way.  So what do I do?   Breathe a little deeper.  Perch my lips like a fish.  Be mindful that "I don’t do that anymore”.  No EXcuses to smoke.  I could pace the floor but that may not help my urges subside.  So I am back to having to take one day at a time AGAIN.  I know that this is for a short moment and it will pass.  I do have my EX to come to blog, read blogs, interact,  take out my tool kit and be prepared.  Water was always by my side.  So I'll make sure I have some. Staying busy always worked. So I'll get busy.  So folks no matter where you are in your quit,  life happens and you have to remain determined, committed, trust/believe and work your quit NOPE no matter what.!

 My name is Jackie and I am a nonsmoker.  No smoking here, Oh No.  Breathe. This will pass. I can now tell myself to hang tough, stay close,  be mindful, never give in and never give up.  PROTECT my quit. Peace out.