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Runny Nose (Gross)

Question asked by Bree19 on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by 12Finally34

Hi all

Just read NewMe 's 2 year progress report and it's clanging bells inside my head - she mentioned a runny nose..  I've had very few of the quit smoking side effects/symptoms that everyone talks about.  Now 175 days into my quit I've developed a runny nose.  Started about 3 weeks ago, with sneezing fits (I kid you not - I counted one day) of up to 63 at a time.  Clear water just runs and I'm permanently attached to my tissue box.  Then a day like today...not one sneeze so far.  Then 3 days non-stop.  


Am I now just be special and precious or can one have a quit symptom this late in the game - well 175 days is LATE IN THE GAME for me!!  Surely I don't need to go to a doctor for clear tap water dripping out - I'm grossing myself out now.


I sometimes use Allergex when I can't handle it anymore and then sleep for way too long but try not to medicate myself too much.  


Anyone?  Anything?