They're Talking About Us!

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There they are again talking about how COPD Patients don't adhere to their plans. But Pharmacists and Doctors don't know how it feels to fight this darn illness every single day! They don't know how we feel! No words or questionnaires can capture the panicked feeling of not being able to breathe, of walking past smokers you can't avoid, of knowing a cold front or heat wave is about to drop! We have to adjust everything we do around COPD. It gets old - we get tired. Some days I just want to - not think about it!

Did I take my meds? Did I clean the humidifier and the CPAP? Did I pack my rescue inhaler? Did I change the air filter on my air conditioner - my vacuum cleaner? Where can I park my car to better navigate to the front door without running into smokers? Did I do my aerobics? My strength workout? And on and on... Nothing BIG but a thousand little things that can radically change the shape of my day!

No we don't adhere 100% And I dare those Professionals to adhere to their rules themselves for even 24 hours! Take 10 prescription meds a day, eat healthy every meal, workout every day, etc., etc., etc....

These conversations about adherence tick me off! Why don't you just ask us? Don't you have time and heart to listen?

Backing Up: Addressing Adherence Barriers in COPD 

I'll stop now - I have to go take my meds!