The Unknown Is Scary

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      You have to use good judgement to make your decisions. Good judgement is learned both from others and, from your own experience.

      How do you do you use good judgement when you're experiencing something for the first time?


      For Example: You know your body better than anyone. You describe what you are feeling to your doctor, don't you?


      I was invited to dinner Monday.  We ate a few hours later than I normally would so, I drank some carafate before I went to bed, just in case.

      All was good until Tuesday afternoon. I got a burning in my chest like I had never felt before. I was trying to drink ice water to ease the pain. It lasted for hours and on into the evening and, frankly, I was getting a suffocating feeling to the point of my thinking, "am I having a heart attack?"


What happens next?

      You begin thinking about the loose ends that need to be tied up, all the unfinished projects and dreams, all the time, wondering if you should tell someone and call an ambulance.


      We are here as the experienced. We have been through what you will be going through.  We know what to expect and the markers along the path.

We don't want you to panic.

      Lean on us until you get on your feet with your quit.


(I didn't go to the hospital and all was ok Wednesday.)