4 Years Quit!!!  Who would have "thunk" it?

Discussion created by smorgy8513 on Aug 5, 2017
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I've had quite a few "quits" in my time....but always...some thing would happen that would sabotage my quit (i.e. sister broke her hip, fight with son, etc.).   I never took full responsibility for that and always blamed whatever it was that occurred.       So, when I quit on 8/5/13 I knew I REALLY wanted it to work, knew that I needed as much support as I could get but I think deep down I was afraid this one wouldn't take either.

So, I did as much positive as I could:  Chantix, prayer, atomic fire balls, telling friends AND coming to the EX many times throughout the day. 

The people here became my friends as well as my family.  I could share when I was struggling and get encouragement.  I got the "atta girl" when I hit a milestone.    I even got to go to the 2nd EX reunion in Florida and got to meet so many in person (I remember when I walked into the lounge and heard "SMORGY!".    I felt loved then and do until this day.

Have there been struggles in my life since then that would have "caused" me to smoke in the past?  Of course!   Life goes on and troubles happen even when you don't smoke.    I lost my sister who was also my best friend.   Ongoing relationship issues with the family.    My diagnosis of lung cancer and the treatment that has gone on since then (dr tells me "not curable, but treatable").

Would smoking make any of those things better?     OF COURSE NOT!      But when you're an addict the brain tells tons of lies to you.....

Newbies:     whether you are quitting today, quit 1 week ago, or have recently had a relapse......use the resources that the EX provides to you.     And will be here in 4 years (or 2, or 8 or 15) and celebrate with the EX family that love you and are there for you every day!

I thank my family here and love each and every one of you that have helped me!   I could mention names but there isn't enough space here to do that.  

So, I'll just say Thank You and send big HUGS to all.