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Any tips on explaining the process of quitting to those who have never smoked?

Question asked by Dani_2017 on Jul 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2017 by Diannnnn

Hi guys, 


I'm wondering if anyone has struggled with explaining the process of quitting (and how difficult it is) to someone who has never had a cigarette/has never had a nicotine addiction. I'm asking because I'm feeling a bit discouraged today; I had brunch plans with a group of friends but I had to cancel because I realized I was not ready for any bar-type exposure (it's only my forth day). Anyways, the organizer of the event, who has never smoked and therefore never been through the process of quitting, did not understand when I tried to explain my reasoning of not wanting to be around the bars. And now she is upset. 


So my questions are 1) has anyone had any experiences like this? 2) how did you deal with it? 3) is it possible to explain the process of quitting to someone who has never smoked? 


As always, thanks for reading.