Don't Do That!

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 30, 2017

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy it’s when people say, “Don’t do that!” It’s so frustrating because I’m left with a negative! What I really want to know is “What shall I do instead?” It’s like “Don’t imagine a purple Zebra!” Now what? But if I say imagine a green Giraffe then I can do that! And the other image fades away…

It’s the same way with Smoking Cessation! Even the name reminds me of what I want to not think about!  But what if I focus on what I want in LIFE? It is not enough to “just say no”—as the 1980s slogan suggested. Instead, you can protect (and heal) yourself from addiction by saying “yes” to other things. That truly makes all the difference!

We have all kinds of short “instead” lists such as this one Blogged repeatedly over the Years:

100 Things to do instead of smoking!

That’s a good starting point where you can add your own ideas. When you choose something near to your heart it’s even better!

Then there’s the long haul! To make it the distance you need what I call Quititude! Quititude doesn’t just come naturally – it’s a learned behavior! That’s good news! If I can learn it, I can acquire it! Some of us learn at different rates or in different ways but we all have the ability to learn!

Actually one of the most Addictive aspects of Smoking is that our Brains learned that we could get a dopamine rush with a Sickerette long after we no longer get the same rush as those early days of smoking anymore! So relearning Addiction FREE LIFE counteracts those memories!

Here are some suggestions that might help you with your Quititude:

As often as possible throughout your day, take a moment to Celebrate an activity or a thought related to your new smoke FREE status such as, " I love how delicious my food is tasting," "I love how wonderful the air is smelling," "I love the compliments and support I get from the people in my life," or "I love this brand new day of smoke FREE living." These sincere reflections of appreciation immediately will bring you into perfect alignment with the Creator of your Being and enhance your Values.

When you acknowledge these gifts and EXpress your Appreciation for Smoke FREEDOM, you will begin to change energetically, and it will influence every aspect of your Quit Journey. By practicing Quititude, you begin to have a relationship with the true essence of who you are and everyone who is within your sphere will benefit from your appreciation, even the naysayers! As you accept support graciously, more support comes your way!

By living with an awareness of Quititude, you are open to appreciating the element of Love in all things beginning with your Divine Source and yourself. As it touches every area of your Smoke FREE LIFE, it cultivates well-being and happiness, and when expressed around others, it brings about an increased level of peace, optimism, confidence and empathy. Quititude is not only a great virtue for successful Addiction Recovery, but the person who exhibits Quititude will benefit many people around them.

How do you cultivate a sense of appreciation every day? Just by saying the words “Thank You” out loud, you fortify and grow more Quititude! Work at practicing and remembering to give thanks and gratitude as often as possible and even plan it into your daily routine. Every morning, before getting out of bed, Thank God for another Smoke FREE Day! While going about preparations for the day send out an intentional thought of Gratitude for Recovery. Let the Universe know that you are grateful and appreciative for letting you have another opportunity to learn, understand and perhaps influence another person and hopefully change a life for the better.

How can you grow by incorporating Quititude into your daily agenda? First, it enables you to acknowledge the positive aspects of your quit, whether it is clean living, health or even opportunities to view something from a different point of view. It can assist you in putting things in perspective. When you have a negative thought such as "I really wish I could smoke right now," Quititude can spin that thought into "I am happy that I don’t have to smoke in order to deal with life on life’s terms." Whenever you look at quitting as hard and difficult, instead think of it as exciting and challenging. Start to perceive obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, and change and improve.

When you emanate an Attitude of Quititude, it is the same vibration as the energy of Love. When you practice a mindset of appreciation, you will let go of doubt and fear and live in the presence of everything that feels right and good. The act of giving thanks will make you feel good, and this feeling is your soul's way of letting you know that Abundant Smoke FREE Living  is how you really are meant to live. As you live with Quittitude, your view of the World and yourself will completely change and your circumstances, situations and relationships are forever positively altered.

When you practice Quititude, you see everything in your life as a miracle and you become aware of how many opportunities and possibilities are before you. You look at the things that are rich and positive instead of poor and fearful. It strengthens your body, mind and soul, and you will begin to attract those situations and people into your life that are also positive and soul-enriching.

When we have gratitude for Smoke FREE Living nobody and nothing can convince us to let that go! It is our armor against temptation and the seed of our Success! We don't just Quit Smoking - We live a New Smoke FREE LIFE abundantly!

 It's not about what I don't have - it's about what I want more of in my LIFE!