What is the perfect time?

Discussion created by EleanorRigby on Jul 29, 2017
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There is no perfect time to quit and no guarantee that you will be able to quit, stay quit and be happy with it. I see some people put their quit dates out so far they cant even begin to focus, nor do they want to.  Quitting smoking has to be an all in thing if you intend to quit and stay that way and there is nothing tomorrow or 90 days or 9 years from now that takes away the fact that we have to own our quits and really really want them.

A lady mentioned she had her quit date out 3 months from now because she didn't want to have"false hope"  What is false hope when we are quitting?? There is no such thing either before, during or after if you intend to never smoke.. that's all you have to do, not one puff ever one day at a time.  


A good friend from Montana ends his posts almost 100%  of the time like this..


If we don't take that FIRST puff, just for today, it is impossible to fail, and we are absolutely, positively, 100% guaranteed to go to bed as WINNERS tonight!