NML Check In 7/26/2017

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So I saw a blog post with a NML check in a while back.  The last check-in was on June 24 or something like that.  I am happy to take the lead for a while and post a weekly NML check in!  I'd love to know who is here with me!  I know ready2021 is here with me and Diannnnn will be here soon...


Welcome to The No Man’s (Woman’s) Land Roll Call revisited (AGAIN).  Let's tell everyone how we are doing!  Take a moment to check in!  Let's hang out and play for surely we are all in this together! 


No Man’s Land, for those who may not know yet, is approximately 30 day to 130 days into the quit.  Of course, some enter it sooner, some leave it later. There are many excellent expressions of this throughout the Ex Community, so I will let you find it for yourselves.  Check out these great posts!  

What To Expect In The First Four Months 

No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) 



I will try to post a weekly discussion.  Hope to see all the NMLers at least stop by.  


Lets keep in touch and keep smoke free!


Roller with 35 DOF!