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Today, 9:00 AM, I pledge not to have first puff.  

I tried quitting many times and relapsed

This time with new information about cigarettes, triggers, cravings.  Receiving the support on and off line, and accepting 2 facts from Carr's reading:  I am addicted to nicotine and brainwash my brain. 

Just a few days ago I was afraid to commit to a quit date.   Also, I complained about reading Carr until I took the bloggers' suggestion to read.  Now, I swear by his book!!  

This time of the night, I would be tearing up my house looking for a butt or a pack of cigarettes I lost.  

Brunch will be the true test.  

Will I dress like a wild woman to get to a bodega or will I use the 100 things to do list?