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Question asked by Giulia Champion on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by JonesCarpeDiem

I just discovered the Insights button.  It's really kind of neat.  You can't see anyone else's (which might not be a bad idea to add to the community leaderboard functionality Mark), but click on yours and take a gander.  You can see the impact of your content on 20 items.  If you look at the Individual Interactions you'll see a shadow avatar.  Click on it and you'll discover those are "Guests."  Are these lurking members who have viewed your page or those that have viewed your comment/blog material in general?  Or are they simply an aggregate of all the members you've interacted with across the platform?  Also, what does the percentage mean in the Profile Type circle?  Is it related to the amount of time spent on the site in general or in comparison to the membership time en mass?  Is there a document in the help section related to what Insights are all about, an explanation of the different categories?  Would be nice to have one, if not.