Update of my Journey

Discussion created by Kellybeth on Jul 17, 2017
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147 days. I have not smoked in 147 days. I am so proud of myself. I finally feel like I'm becoming an ex smoker! Before I felt like I was a smoker that wasn't smoking and now I feel like an ex! This has not been an easy quit for me. I have had lots of stresses, just like everyone else. My main problem was and is that I live with a smoker. I needed to worry about myself for once. Take a step back from being a Mom and a Wife. I needed to do this for myself and I wasn't going to let my husbands smoking take that  from me. I wish he would quit but he has to be ready, just like I had to be ready. Me and him hit a rough spot in our marriage and he left the house for a month. I still did not smoke. I still have times where I want to smoke but I am just able to acknowledge it and say to myself "You don't do that anymore" and move on. I feel so much better now and I cant believe how fast the time is going.


Another thing is that I cant not believe how much time smoking took away from me. I feel like I have so much extra time now that I don't need to take 12 or more smoke breaks a day. I timed it before. 1 cigarette took me about 11 minutes to smoke. So if I smoked 12 a day that was 132 minutes of smoking. Not to mention the time it took to walk outside or find a missing lighter or go to the gas station to by a pack. All that time was taken from me. That is time I could have been playing with my daughter or cleaning my house or doing something good for myself. I was sick of giving away my money my time and most of all my health.


I hope all of us here can find the strength within us to know that we don't have to remain smokers and we don't have to be controlled by it anymore. We are all bigger and stronger then our addiction. We are all brave to share our most out of control feelings with complete strangers. And no matter where we are in our own journeys we are all warriors.


Kelly <3