Feeling overwhelmed in just preparing to quick

Discussion created by 12Finally34 on Jul 13, 2017
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Thanks for all the post (Doug, rollercoaster, Dian, Evian, and Ellen).  I am confused when I try to answer everyone individual.  Computer frustrates me so I have to Easy Does It with the navigation.

I lost the pfd for Carr, now I am struggling how to get it back.  Ok, the E cigarette is out.  I am taking the bupropion and chantex (3 days).  I am edgy because of the side of effect from Chantex.  So, I am trying to go quiet the noise internally.   the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other.  The devil is winning for now.  It keeps whisper this is nice, no one will ever know that you are not quitting and you can still live in isolation.  The angel is making the list why I should (health, heart, age, family and friend).  

Will go to suggestion box 

Again thank all of you for reaching out!