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1.5 months quit. going to be stuck with a chain smoker for 2500 km road trip

Question asked by ranjitthewolf on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by jimmie-a-littrell

Hello All,

    I have quit smoking 1.5 months back successfully. I a technician by trade is going to do a service trip across the country with a chain smoker in a single cab truck. I am scared if i will relapse into smoking. I have already put sufficient mechanisms in place so that i don't smoke in my apartment or at work. So is it ok if i relapse for 3 days and quit again. Although i do have some urge to smoke i don't really have a continuous urge to smoke these days but to be honest i do feel it would be nice if i could smoke 1.

Please advice?