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Hi, My name is Carolyn!  I had the kit for becoming an Ex since February.  I have visited the lung specialist twice.  We have decided to set up a plan.  1 to use ibuprofen and Chantix.  2. to reduce my isolation and rejoin society.  3. 12 Step program for x smokers


I am a Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped.  I am 66 years of age.  I lost my only son approximately 10 years ago. I have a supportive daughter and son-in-law.  I stopped drinking 28 years ago.  I say I like smoking but the more I research, I realize I am addicted to smoking.  I use smoking as an avoidance tool to not feel the deep hurt and lost.  I use smoking to cover the frustration and anger I feel when i allow others to invade my personal space.  I smoke when I have such a hard time accepting life on life's term (ex: 90 year old father being emotionally void).  I smoke when I think I can fix my younger brothers' illness and angry/envy because their faith in their HP is beyond my human understanding. I smoke when I realize I am creating a world of isolation and loneliness.  Fear of things I cannot change (high rent, high insurance rates, political/religious conversations, bias and just suffering amongst people).  


What making me wanting to stop is that I did a SCAT scan.


 I start my this introduction because I don't want to be alone with my struggles.  I am afraid I posted it in the wrong place please be patient with me.  I am one of the ones who may have to reread the comments and not personalize the suggestions or feel the comments are to harm me.


Thank you for reading.